The End of Community: Wind Farms — The Law is my Oyster

A press release that has been met with sharply divided opinions was released by the BSB energy group: “BSB propose community wind farm for County Waterford BSB Community Energy Ltd. (BSB) is a limited company established by a substantial number (50+) of local people in the Bunmahon, Stradbally and Ballylaneen area of the county […]

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Fracking a step closer as Britain, Germany approve new laws.

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Europe Moves Closer To Shale Gas Development 
Take That, Vladimir: German Government Approves Fracking
Yesterday, two major events took place, bringing Europe a step closer towards developing a domestic shale gas industry. In the UK the Infrastructure Bill has been given Royal Assent and in Germany the Federal Government held a public hearing on the planned hydraulic fracturing draft law. Shale Gas Europe, 13 February 2015

U.S. natural gas production is poised to reach a record for a fifth year as shale drillers boost efficiency, driving prices toward a low of more than a decade. Output will rise 3.2 percent in 2015, led by gains at the Marcellus formation, the nation’s biggest shale deposit, according to the Energy Information Administration. Marcellus production will increase 2.8 percent through February after a 21 percent gain in 2014, a year when prices tumbled 32 percent. Producers in Pennsylvania and…

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Windfarm victims vindicated

World Council for Nature

Press Release from WCFN
26 January 2015


Peer-reviewed study shatters claims that wind turbines are “safe”

Link found between infrasound emitted by wind turbines and complaints of “unbearable sensations” by residents

In a groundbreaking study at Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater windfarm in the state of Victoria, Australia’s leading acoustical engineer Steven Cooper found that a unique infrasound pattern, which he had labelled “Wind Turbine Signature” in previous studies, correlates (through a “trend line”) with the occurrence and severity of symptoms of residents who had complained of often-unbearable “sensations”. These include sleep disturbance, headaches, heart racing, pressure in the head, ears or chest, etc. as described by the residents (symptoms generally known as Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS), or the euphemism “noise annoyance” – ed). (1)

The acoustician also identified “discrete low frequency amplitude modulated signals” emitted by wind turbines, and found the…

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Four Utilities Pull Out Of The EU’s CCS Programme


By Paul Homewood


PEI report:

A decision by four of Europe’s largest utilities to opt out of a decade long carbon capture and storage (CCS) project is “a matter of great concern” according to a leading academic and advocate of the technology.
Germany‘s RWE, France’s Electricite de France , Sweden’s Vattenfall AB and Spain’s Gas Natural Fenosa have announced their withdrawal from the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP), which advises the European Commission about CCS technologies.
They say the technology behind the project, aimed at tackling global warming, is too expensive, according to a letter obtained by Reuters.
Dr David Reiner told Power Engineering Internationalthat the announcement shows that for certain countries, support for CCS is “more rhetorical than real”.

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UK Wholesale Power Falls to £46/MWh


By Paul Homewood


PEI report:

UK wholesale power prices dropped to a two-year low on Monday 5th January, representing good news for gas generators.
ICIS Power Index (IPI) is now just £46.316/MWh, the cheapest since July 2012 and while that is good news for the gas sector, it’s not so good for coal power generation.
generators, the falling power price is influenced by lower fuel prices – but gas prices have fallen more than power over the last year, so gas-fired power generation is more profitable.


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Govt Energy Efficiency Claims Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny


By Paul Homewood

... yourself in, the following will save you money on your heating bills

One of the UK Government’s defences, when faced with accusations that its climate policies are pushing up energy bills, is to claim that it is promoting lower energy use via various initiatives to insulate homes. These initiatives include the Energy Company Obligation, Green Deal and Building Regulations.

But how much difference are these activities actually making?

The best indicator is the use of natural gas by domestic users, which amounts to approximately triple the equivalent usage of electricity. (Most households, in my experience, tend to have gas central heating, and also cook with gas). To separate out the effect of non heating use, I have taken usage for Q1 and Q4, which is archived by DECC since 1998. (Please note, that this is done on a calendar year basis – so, for instance, the figure for 2013 is Jan to March 2013 + Oct to Dec 2013)

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#Right2Water , Civil Disobedience and #PeoplePower in Ireland 2015


Yesterday on Twitter I received the following Tweet ….

What needs to be done to topple the Government?

I replied ….

Mass Civil Disobedience !

As a lawyer, I have been criticised by many, in particular fellow lawyers, regarding the stance I’ve taken with regard to the Right2Water Campaign. This is a Citizen led Movement which has arisen as a result of the Irish Governments attempt to privatize our water, regardless of how hollow the rejection of this claim is, by the Elites who run this country. I have taken to the streets and marched Shoulder to Shoulder with my fellow Citizens and am proud to do so. While many people cannot afford to pay the proposed charges being imposed on us, a lot…

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